New Horizons: Knight Mission

As an entrepreneur, you face many challenges.

Your personal experience has to translate to your customer experience. This drives your profitability, customer retention, new business growth, and most importantly: employees.

Without people delivering on the mission and vision of the company, all is truly lost.

I'm a fan of knights. I'm a master chess player so it's more than the history or mythos of knighthood.

Being a knight was a grisly and tough exercise. You had to kill people so there is that reality.

Much like samurai, knights were emissaries. They were ambassadors and enforcers, guarantors of peace, safety or death.

I've always been my own emissary. I am still my mom's emissary. I'm God's emissary on earth until I cease to breathe. I'm not the only one.

Have a mission. Not for anyone else, have your mission: You'll give a dollar to a charity. Eat more chocolate. Dance in public.

Who can stop you?

Be Unstoppable.